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Red Carpet Opening Night Ceremony & the U.S. Premiere Film Screening:
So Young

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Lincoln Center, Alice Tully Hall, NYC

6:00pm - Red Carpet Opening Night Ceremony
8:00pm - Premiere Film Screening

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Film Screenings

Wednesday & Thursday, November 6 – 7, 2013
AMC Empire 25, NYC

Wednesday, November 6
11:00am - Sorry, I Love You
2:00pm - Finding Mr. Right
4:30pm - Love Undercover
7:30pm - Love in the Buff

Thursday, November 7
11:00am - IP Man
2:00pm - Special ID

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China Night

Thursday, November 7, 2013
Capitale, NYC



  • Sorry, I Love You

    With only six months to live and nothing to live for in Vancouver, Walker decided to go back to China, where he was born and adopted from when he was very little, and go look for his biological parents and twin sister (Chu). Walker knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to find them, but everything changed when he ran into the girl (Encai) who he’d saved from a few street thugs several months back.

  • Finding Mr. Right

    City girl Jiajia is traveling to Seattle to give birth to the son who’s going to help her win over her rich, married boyfriend. Armed with his unlimited credit card and the singular goal of bringing a little U.S. citizen back to Beijing, Jiajia knows how to play this game of modern love. But when Jiajia arrives in Seattle, the city which inspired her favorite movie Sleepless in Seattle, nothing goes right: she’s stuck sharing a small house with two other pregnant ladies, she has trouble reaching her boyfriend on the phone, and eventually, even the credit card stops working.


    SO YOUNG is the debut film of the renowned Chinese actress Zhao Wei as a director. It is based on the best-selling novel "To Our Youth that is Fading Away" by Xin YiwuIt, adapted by Li Qiang ("The Postmodern Life of My Aunt") and produced by Stanley Kwan. It is a film about the love, joy, and pain of a group of young students in their school days and their harsh confrontation with the realities and a lament on the loss of youth to adulthood.

  • Ip Man

    In 1930, Foshan thrives as the hub of Chinese Kung-fu, various sects actively recruiting disciples. Though Ip Man is an accomplished martial arts master, he keeps a low-profile by sparring with his compatriots in friendly competitions. But after an acknowledged victory to Jin Shan-zhao's challenge, Ip Man becomes a hero and develops a craze for Wing Chun. During the Japanese invasion, General Miura, a fanatical practitioner in martial arts, demends Ip Man to teach Japanese Army Wing Chun, but Ip Man refuses and takes up Miura’s challenge.

  • Love in The Buff

    What started as a chance meeting in the back alley for a smoke, ended up in a romance for Jimmy Cheung and Cherie Yue. Six months later, Cherie can no longer stand Jimmy’s habit of dragging his feet on everything and Jimmy is tired of Cherie’s temper tantrums. When Jimmy is offered a lucrative position in Beijing, their love in a puff is snuffed out.